I’ve got £750 of beauty gear including a Fitbit for free & my friend nabbed some GHDs – here’s how you can too

A WOMAN has revealed how she has received designer beauty products worth over £750 – for free.

Louisa Rogers, 26, is exposing the secret way others can nab goods from the likes of GHD, TooFaced, Thierry Mugler and more, without paying a penny.

The lecturer from Newcastle started collecting the freebies after a friend of a friend told her to sign up as a volunteering make-up tester.

In exchange for a quick review, which takes just a few minutes to write, Louisa has saved hundreds of pounds over the years and now has a fully-stocked beauty cabinet.

“Fill out your info and they’ll send you free products in exchange for reviews,” Louisa said.

“I signed up when I was at uni and my friend’s girlfriend had literally whispered in my ear so nobody else could hear.

“She told me she got a pair of GHDs for free and I couldn’t believe it.

“I signed up expecting to hear nothing back, but over the course of the last few years, I’ll get an email every three to four months asking me whether I want to review something – I always click 'yes' of course – and then I get sent the product.”

Louisa has received branded goods with a total worth of over £750.

She said: “I’ve been sent TooFaced makeup, a FitBit, PURE&CO Fragrance, Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume, XX By Revolution Beauty Box, a Sunny razor and blades, and more.

“The Fitbit has to be my favourite because I can use it every day, and my least favourite are the perfumes because I usually wear men's stuff.

“It’s sort of nice because you forget about it and then it pops up in your inbox like a secret admirer sending you goodies – basically a sugar daddy without having to give them any sugar!”

Louisa will fill out some basic information and some more details referring to hair colour and skin type – and that's it.

She said: “You rate them with a star system and write a few words about how you honestly found the product.

“You get a few weeks to give your verdict so you can get a proper feel for the item before having to leave the review.

“It's also a great way to discover brands and naturally – I often turn into a paying customer if I like using the product the first time around.”

Louisa believes anyone can sign up for as a reviewer, with campaigns based on specific demographics"

She added: “I have heard from friends’ mothers that the anti-wrinkle selection is particularly generous for gifting – so this money-saving tip is not limited to millennials.

“Although free Fenty would still beat Olay for me any day!”

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