Love Letter: Reclaiming Her Power With Celibacy

By Charanna Alexander

Childhood trauma can often leave a lasting imprint. Paula McLain, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, took a vow of celibacy after a string of failed relationships left her emotionally depleted. For her, abstaining from sex meant finally healing from the past and learning to love and accept herself.

When June Berry, a child welfare consultant and chef, first saw April Hunt, an art-world fixture and D.J., at a party in Brooklyn, she was captivated. And when they ran into each other days later at a bar in Harlem, numbers were exchanged. Although the two come from different worlds, they bonded over music and food. The couple married Feb. 12 on Randalls Island.

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For many, the pandemic has been about giving up so much. With vaccination programs underway around the world, some are starting to plan their post-pandemic lives. We want to hear your hopes, fears and predictions for life after the pandemic. What will your ‘After’ look like?

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