Man shows how a DRYER SHEET can get your baked on pots and pans sparkling in minutes – with no scrubbing

SITTING down for a family meal sure is a treat, but knowing you have the dirty dishes to clean up afterwards is enough to put you off cooking for good.

But what if we told you there was a super simple way to get your baked on pots and pans sparkling in minutes – and there is absolutely no scrubbing whatsoever, just leave it to soak.

Armen Adamjan, who runs the account Creative Explained on TikTok, shared the genius tip and people are blown away but the incredible results.

The secret isn't something you'd normally find in your kitchen either, but your laundry instead – that's right, tumble dryer sheets will be your saving grace.

"When you cook and you end up with a pot or a pan that looks like this and you don't want to scrub it clean, here's what you do," he explains in the clip.

"Fill it up with some water, add some dish soap and one or two dryer sheets. Leave it for one hour."

When you return, the gunk will just slide right off as you remove the dryer sheets from the pan and we can't believe how easy it is.

"It comes right off. Crazy. No more scrubbing," he adds.

So how does it work exactly? Donna Smallin Kuper, author of "Cleaning Plain & Simple," told TODAY that it's likely the conditioning properties of the dryer sheet being released into the water that help to remove the gunk.

Just like hair conditioner makes your mane silky soft, and fabric conditioner makes your clothes feel devine – tumble dryer sheets help soften the burnt-on grime.

People who watched the clip were amazed by how easy is it, with one dubbing it a "game changer"

"No way, I'm going to try this," another said, amazed.

"Fact, I've been doing this for the last year and it works, For really burnt on messes, leave overnight" advised another.

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