Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby daughter Lilibet will be ‘friendly’, 'smart' & 'a handful' says horoscope

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry welcomed baby number two, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, last month on June 4.

And tarot queen Kerry King has analysed the youngster's birthday to reveal what kind of energy the new baby will bring to their Californian home.

Lilibet's birthday falls within the Gemini dates (May 22 – June 21) and Geminis are the tricksters of the zodiac, the most playful, youthful and curious sign. 

Ruled by the planet Mercury, which influences commerce, communication and speed. 

A Gemini child is a handful, for sure (in fact, the same goes for Gemini adults). They would be into everything, asking all sort of questions all day long, and full of nervous, sparkly, friendly energy.

 Geminis do everything quickly, and smartly too. 

A Gemini child is a handful, for sure (in fact, the same goes for Gemini adults).

They’re naturally clever, and have little patience for anyone or anything which doesn’t operate at their lightning-quick pace. They can be a little chilly at times, and prioritise being led by their brain rather than their heart. 

They are an Air element sign, which would make the new baby the only Air sign in this little family (Archie and Harry are Earth signs and Meghan is a Fire sign). 

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This could lead to sparks with Harry and Archie (as Air signs move much faster, and have bigger demands, than Earth signs can tolerate at times) but may create an authentic liking and friendship with Meghan, because Air and Fire signs are naturally compatible. 

Prince Phillip was a Gemini, so the new baby has sadly missed out on having a fellow astrological twin in the family.  

What kind of parents are Harry and Meghan astrologically?

Harry is a Virgo (Earth, mutable sign, ruled by Mercury) and Meghan is a Leo (Fire, fixed sign, ruled by the sun).

Astrologically, these two have little in common and possess very different characters. However, their bond has been forged by the flames of their turbulent story-so-far, and perhaps it is the differences in them that have helped them to weather the storms.

One is strong where the other is weak, and vice versa. As parents, this also makes for an all-round, strong ~power couple~, and their children are likely to benefit from having such different characters to turn to.

Meghan is the warm, passionate, spontaneous and fun parent, likely to be involved in their everyday lives as a friend, confidant, and protector. She will want them to be active, socially aware, kind and popular. 

She will worry about their friendships and how they fit in. She will want them to grow up strong, and take on leadership roles. She would love them to be sporty, outgoing, and creative.

Harry is the worrier parent, the one who looks after the details, knows when the jabs are due, notices the little things and makes sure things happen when and as they should. 

Harry will take great responsibility for his children, and do whatever is necessary to protect them and help them thrive. 

He may, at times, come across as strict or even interfering, and this may create distance as they move towards wanting their own independence. 

But they will come to lean on his great care and attention, and want to make him proud.

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