Molly-Mae Hague leaves people divided by the way she makes her bed – but what do you think? | The Sun

LOVE Island star Molly-Mae Hague has left people divided with her recent vlog by the way she makes her bed.

At the start of Molly-Mae’s new Christmas vlog, we see the pregnant influencer and her partner, boxer Tommy Fury, making their bed.

The reality TV pair had purchased some fresh white sheets and we see them take them out of the packing and put them straight onto their bed.

While this might seem pretty normal to many, TikTok users were left divided. 

One woman, known on the video sharing platform as @homewiththecobs, took to the social media app to see if other people do this.

She said: “So I was just watching Molly-Mae’s vlog and I just noticed that she is taking her bedding out of the packaging and putting it straight on her bed.

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“Does everyone do this because I would never do this?

“I didn’t know people did this.

“I have to wash it before I actually put it on my bed.

“Yeah, that’s weird”.

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She added: “Ps I’m in no way bashing anyone that does this. 

“I personally wouldn’t as I’m OCD”.

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The woman had shared her video just 18 hours ago, but it has quickly caused a lot of discussion and has racked up an impressive 710.6k views.

It has 26.9k likes, 1,268 comments and 82 shares.

While some users revealed that they too would put fresh sheets straight onto a bed, others were horrified and explained that they would always wash brand new bedding before putting it on a bed.

One person said: “I always wash it”. 

Another added: “I wash it every time to make it nice and soft and fresh”. 

A third commented: “Yes I wash my bedding when they're brand new”.

Meanwhile, others admitted: “That's not weird at all! I don’t wash it. The whole point of new bedding is to have the feel of new bedding. It's not the same feeling if it is washed!”

Whilst someone else agreed: “I put them straight on haha, it’s such a good feeling”.

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And another noted: “I always do this”.

But what do you do? Would you wash your brand new bedding before putting it onto your bed? 

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