Mum-of-four goes to extreme lengths to keep the kids entertained in the car and gets savaged for doing ‘too much’

THIS mum has divided opinion by showing how she prepares for a road trip with her four young children.

With each child having their own personal rubbish bin, snack box, and “activity basket”, some say that this mum has done “too much” to keep her kids entertained.

We all know that road trips with small kids can be difficult, but Tiktok user Heather believes she has the hacks necessary to make it an easy process.

In the video, Heather says she has packed “activity baskets for everyone”.

These baskets sit next to her kids’ car seats, and include everything from water-colouring books to special non-leak cups. 

She’s also packed a magnet board for her twins, sticker booklets, sunglasses for each child, and dry-erase books to keep everyone entertained.

This is all in addition to digital entertainment in the form of a tablet, complete with a long enough charger to keep it going for the five-hour trip.

She’s also brought a travel potty along to ensure that there are no accidents.

The travel potty is a new addition, she says, because “ the kids always have to go to bathroom, and it’s not easy to bring everybody inside”.

She has even included nappies to line the potty, for “easy clean-up”.

For herself, she’s made sure that everything she could possibly need for the trip is “easily accessible” on the passenger seat.

Some people were impressed with this super-prepared mum and her kitted-out car.

“Four kids one superwoman”, said one amazed commenter.

“Omg I give you so much respect. I have anxiety going with one five year old to the store by myself”, wrote another impressed viewer.

One summarised: “You’re amazing mama, you thought of it all”

Some, however, slammed the mum, saying that her preparation for this road trip was too extreme.

"I'm sorry, this seems awful", wrote one commenter.

“That’s way too much, who needs their own garbage can?”, asked one confused viewer.

Heather responded to this question, showing that the mini rubbish bins were full by the end of the trip.

She replied: “Maybe it’s just me, but I count it as a win, not having to hunt down trash in the car.”

“What happened to kids learning how to be bored?? It’s important!”, wrote one commenter.

"This is tooooo much", said another critical commenter.

Another said: “Lol this is too much girl. I drive alone 6+ hours and you don’t need all this stuff!”

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