Mum shares easy paper towel trick which will banish flies from your house for good

AS the weather improves so, unfortunately, does the amount of flies buzzing in and around your house.

And while people have limited success with fly screens, traps and swatters, one mum has come up with a brilliant way to eliminate flies from your home for good.

The Silva Family matriarch took to the family's TikTok page to share the clever hack, as she explained: "One thing about flies is that they can’t see the colour white.

"All you need to do is palm a white paper towel and slowly approach the fly and grab it.

"Try it out for yourself!"

"Oh my God!! You mean to tell me I’ve been wasting my time striking out around the house?" one person commented on the video.

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While another asked: "So why the hell they made fly swatters red, yello, orange, or pink?"

"Mind blown," a third wrote, to which the mum replied: "David kept swearing it works and it always does."

"I am going to try next time I see a fly," someone else added.

Another person insisted it's not to do with the colour of the paper towel but the speed at which the hand moves, writing: "They cant sense slow movements.

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"So what i want to say is you just need to use your hand."

"I think it’s more the speed than the colour but I could be wrong," another wrote.

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"Flies have hair that feel wind created by quick attacks so they fly away."

"Bro found a loophole," someone else said.

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