Mum shares the extreme lengths she goes to so her kids are entertained on a 26-hour car ride… and the prep took hours

A MOTHER-OF-FOUR has revealed the lengths she has gone to entertain her kids during a 26-hour road trip, and her extensive list of games and goodies will impress you.

Taylor, 28, was worried about her children fighting with each other when the family goes on an American road trip, so she took hours to prepare a variety of fun things for them to do during the journey.

When they get into the car, each kid will receive their own caddy, which includes crayons, markers, a little box, other colouring tools, sunglasses, notebooks and a bag.

"They will also have a clipboard to see where we are and where it is we need to get, they can also play a licence plate game every time they see a car with the number plate, they can colour it in," Taylor said.

"The caddy is all they have for the first four hours of the drive and every four hours after that, we have bags. In each bag they have something to do, a snack and a sweet."

The busy mother went on to explain that her children will only get one of these bags every four hours until they've reached their destination.

It is important for the mum that the children have fun as well as behave, so she has also used a reward-based system.

"In their caddys they also have a clip. This clip is going on the visor and any time they are partaking in an argument or a fight or anything, that clip comes down," the 28-year-old said.

"Once that clip is down it has to stay down for 10 minutes. if in that 10 minutes we stop anywhere and your clip is down, you can't get anything."

Things such as naps, good behaviour, being especially nice to each other, helping Taylor with the baby and holding doors open for people at gas stations earns them tickets.

The children will accumulate tickets between stops and if their clip is still up on the visor, they will be able to buy something from a petrol station.

"If they have one or two tickets they can get a small lollypop or some pretzels or something. If they earned five or 10 tickets now they can look at the poppers or something cool like that," Taylor said.

She also plans on putting a piece of painters tape along the left side of the car with all of the states they have to hit until they reach their destination.

Taylor will then velcro a toy car to the tape, which they'll move as they get to each state. This way her children will know where they are each step of the way.

The mum didn't stop there, as she also created a snack caddy.

"Even though I only purchased snacks that they like, I can guarantee you I'm going to hear 'I don't like this' so I have a snack caddy where they're able to trade in their snacks if they don't like what's in their bag at the four-hour mark," Taylor said.

"We also have a portable DVD player for movies and they have each other to fight with, we'll see how it goes."

Taylor added that she purposefully didn't make bags for her children for the trip back home.

"They're going to have little drawstring bags for everything they got on the way out that they're not going to be allowed to touch the whole trip so that it still seems interesting by the time we're back in the car to come home," she explained.

Taylor's followers have been blown away by the impressive lengths she's gone to keep her children entertained on the drive.

"I hope my mum does this for us! I mean we are all between the ages of 19 and 27 but we still love it!" one person commented.

"Whether it works or not the fact that you care about your kids enjoying the trip, and all that effort creating a positive experience is amazing!" said another.

A third person added: "This plan sounds foolproof honestly I'm so impressed."

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