Mums are raving about a £1.99 Home Bargains product that’s perfect for keeping cool in the heat

THE HOT weather has got us all desperately looking for a quick fix to keep cool and mums out there think they've found the answer after stumbling across a budget buy.

Forget freezing your towels or filling up the paddling pool, as a bargain fan from Home Bargains has gone down a treat, with hundreds of people raving about the £1.99 steal on social media.

Posting in Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one mum shared snaps of the fan spray bottle she had snapped up from Home Bargains and called it a "game changer".

The water spray fan combines a spray bottle with an electric fan on top meaning you constantly can have a cool breeze on your face while dousing yourself in water too.

Alongside a video of the multi-purpose fan in action, the mum revealed: "Now I have found an absolute game changer in this heat… and all for the little sum of £1.99!

"Home bargains travel section, a fan spray bottle ! Words cannot describe how amazing this feels right now."

The water spray fan is from the Travel Shop collection found in Home Bargains, with mums revealing the gentle breeze and moisture from the spray bottle is perfect for keeping kids cool in soaring temperatures.

"Also can get them in the works my little girl loves her helps with cooling the baby down as well with out being to strong like a big fan," revealed one mum, as hundreds commented on the original post.

Plenty revealed their plans to pick one up for themselves, with one person joking: "Omg I need to just lay on the sofa spraying that on myself."

Others commented that the water spray fan also works great for pregnant women heading into hospital to give birth.

"Got this for my hospital bag! I love it," said one woman, while another tagged their pal and posted: "This might be an idea for when you go in to have bubba?? I heard so many people recommend taking one but I forgot xxx."

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