My anxious girl guide to summer hygiene – I sweat a lot, my tips keep bumps and odors at bay | The Sun

A HYGIENE expert has shared her guide for getting through the summer.

She said she sweats a lot but her tips help keep the odors at bay.

Emelia (@professorperfume) shared the advice with over 300,000 TikTok followers.

"One of my biggest anxieties, especially during the summer, is that I'm out in public somewhere and I stink really bad and no one's telling me," she said.

To make sure her hygiene was up-to-par, she shared a list of the products she makes sure to do to smell good.

The first, was obviously, to shower.

"Start scrubbing neck to toe, neck to between the toes," she advised, holding up the Naturium Salicylic Acid body wash, $14.

She held up a scrub cloth she uses to exfoliate while in the shower.

Next, she explained that she replaced her washcloth between every shower because she worried about the bacteria left in them.

She also explained that she sweats a lot: "Being so anxious all the time, I sweat a lot, a lot more than the normal person should be sweating so I use men's deodorant and antiperspirant and it works so much better," she said.

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She said while she liked some natural deodorants, in her personal experience she found she had to apply them two to three times a day.

"You should throw this in your bag or have travel-sized ones with you in your purse if you're planning to switch over to natural deodorant," she advised.

"It doesn't work as well as the antiperspirants do."

She also had tips to keep back acne at bay, holding up the Naturium Salicylic Acid body spray, $17.

Along with her anxiety about body odor, she also stressed about bad breath, sharing her extensive teeth routine.

First, she makes sure to floss before brushing her teeth, and then tongue scrape followed up with mouthwash.

Last but not least, she makes sure to remove odors from her clothing with OxiClean laundry detergent, $11.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

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Many could relate to her struggle: "Pleaseee when I smell my sweat mixed with deodorant (not horrible smell but you know) I get so anxious," said one commenter.

"Great tips. I‘m a smelly girly but I started using a face cleanser for acne prone skin on my armpits and now they don’t smell ever," said another.

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