My house has a hidden gem that dates back to the 1700s – I think it's so cool but people say it would scare them | The Sun

AN unsuspecting homeowner was in for a surprise after she made a shocking discovery.

She was definitely in for more than she bargained after buying her new house, which turned out to have some good bones.

Some people even thought the find was more horror than homey.

"Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool," explained Avigail Adam (@avigailadam1).

She gave a tour of the space as she teased what the hidden treasure might be.

"Could be a hidden cabinet – little movie room – gadget – but ours, is this."

"Are you ready to see it?" she wrote before the big reveal.

She looked down until the feature came into view underneath the glass floor she was walking over.

It turned out that while renovating, the previous owners had discovered a massive ancient well.

How ancient? It dates back to around 1737.

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While she seemed to enjoy being welcomed back home every day to her well, others had a different reaction to the find.

"That would scare me to death at 2 a.m.," commented one horrified follower.

Other watchers were in awe of the unique discovery: "Thank you for the house tour! That hidden gem is such an invaluable treasure."

Another follower couldn't agree more.

"I love that it’s open, I’ve never seen anything like that," she said.

Avigail was also able to find some old articles about the unusual feature that remained intact from three centuries ago – some of which she even had framed.

She also appreciated how the homeowners before her decided to honor the history and invest in the glass floor for easy viewing.

"It's like a glimpse of almost 300 years ago! Apparently, it was part of an inn that was there back in those days," she wrote.

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