My pumpkin trick stops your Halloween gourd decor from rotting too quickly – it's simple and can make them last months | The Sun

A PUMPKIN patch owner has shared her pro tip for preserving pumpkins for fall – and beyond.

Because the only thing that can make pumpkin season better is longer-lasting pumpkins.

"I don't want to get my pumpkins too early – they will rot," said a woman whose family owns Tim's Pumpkin Patch (@timspumpkinpatch).

She was quoting those who were unaware of the easy method that keeps the gourds looking gorgeous for longer.

The New York-based farm- which also boasts high-speed apple cannons – has grown from a small pumpkin stand to what they call a large family fun experience.

And they want to keep that festive fall magic going for as long as possible.

She finally shared the secret: "Us knowing the bleach hack that makes pumpkins last a year plus."

The trick included mixing a cup of bleach with a quart of water and just bathing your pumpkin in the concoction.

According to the farm dweller, this will make your pumpkin – and Halloween decor – last for months.

And she had one more trick up her pumpkin-preserving sleeve.

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"Spray daily for an even better turnout," she advised.

Picking pumpkins without any noticeable scratches or dings will also ensure your gourds stay fresh-looking this season.

Some fall-loving followers shared their own pumpkin-keeping secrets.

"I use hairspray on mine to keep animals away, plus it makes them extra shiny," said one viewer of her method.

Yet another follower used a common household item: "Vinegar works too if you prefer it."

Still, she was sticking to her trick – which once allowed a pumpkin to last for three years.

Coating the outside of the orange skin with petroleum jelly will also help to keep squirrels and other critters away.

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