My top gardening tip looks weird but will revive your lawn – it's a DIY sprinkler with little effort | The Sun

IF watering your lawn feels like too much effort in the summer heat, one woman has the answer.

The content creator demonstrated the unusual hack that will leave your garden looking green and healthy.

In the video, TikTok users Chris and Jasmin (@chrisandjasmin) shared their "genius gardening hack."

Jasmin told her audience: "I’m going to show you something that’s going to save you money and time."

She showed her followers the hands-free trick, which involved running the hose through the zipper of her shorts.

For her next step, the TikToker tied the hose in a loose knot to secure it to her clothing.

She then placed a balloon over the end of the hose and marked a line on it.

Using a toothpick, Jasmin poked a series of small holes in the balloon to create a DIY sprinkler.

"Don’t put too much water, like five or 10 percent is fine," the influencer said.

After turning on the hose, a gentle stream of water flowed from the holes in the balloon.

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"This is perfect, we left the pressure low because it can break the balloon," Jasmin explained.

Demonstrating the trick, she said: "Now you can be here chilling and you can actually talk to your friends on a call like this and you can water the plants."

Chris added: "She doesn’t have to touch it, she can be on her phone, she can walk around, whatever she needs to do."

The duo suggested investing in thicker water balloons if you want to increase the water pressure.

Jasmin stood over the concrete driveway to show viewers how much water was coming from the hose.

"You stay here about three minutes and it’s going to cover everything," she said.

The TikTok user added: "You guys, this is pretty cool, super simple."

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