People are only just realizing what the circles on your fridge door are for & it’s a game-changer for tight kitchens | The Sun

IT wouldn't come as a shock that you haven't taken a peek at every nook and cranny of your fridge.

There's a component on your fridge door that people are just discovering, and it can make using it way more convenient.

In a video covering the hidden purposes of everyday things, Gigi, who goes by @alltruality on social media, shared a fridge hack that may change the way you view your device.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, it can actually help you better access the appliance.

It will only take a couple of steps to get it done.

In Gigi's video, the narrator explained that "you can change which side your fridge door opens on."

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He said: "Those round plastic caps on the top and bottom of the door, on the handle side, cover holes needed to do the job."

Some people in the comments section of the video were wildly confused about the new found information about the fridge door, and other viewers helped clarify.

Someone explained that it isn't a one size fits all situation.

They wrote: "Yes the handle can change sides only if the fridge is rated for reversible doors. Otherwise, no. Not all refrigerators are manufactured like that."

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An apparent Geek Squad installer added: "Most fridge doors (with the exception of side-by-side fridges) are designed to be reversible. As well as dryer & washer doors."

Other users were more up to speed.

"I knew all but the fridge door," someone said.

And one further confirmed that all fridges are not built the same when they wrote: "Not my fridge."

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