Savvy thrifter reveals 8 ways she keeps warm in the morning without turning the heating on & her genius bed trick | The Sun

THERE are few things worse than having to get out of bed early on a chilly morning.

But if you don't want to switch your heating on this winter, then you're in luck…because a money-saving whizz has shared her top eight tips for getting started on the cold mornings without spending a small fortune on your energy bills.

In the clip shared to TikTok (@duchessofthrift), the savvy woman, known on social media as the 'Duchess of Thrift,' begins: "Start by setting the alarm half an hour earlier than you need to stay in bed and turn your electric blanket up to number 3.

"After half an hour with the electric blanket on, you'll be so warm that you'll want to get out of bed.

"While you're lying in bed for that half an hour, put your hoodie or a jumper in the bed so that's warmed up, so as soon as you spring out
you can put a warm hoodie on."

She goes on to say that when you go and get your cup of tea
and have your morning wee, put your clothes in the bed, you can turn the electric blanket off, but they will get nice and warm.



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"I will be putting warm clothes on that've been in my warm bed."

The money-saving guru then explains that she'll out her little blow heater on for 5 minutes just whilst she gets dressed.


"I work at home all day and I have no heating," she says.

"I put my plugin heated blanket on my office chair, but I sit on top of it.

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"Sitting on top of it I swear feels warmer than having it over me.

"But then I'll also put a blanket on my lap."

She adds: "A blanket that I'm sat on cost about one-and-a-half pencean hour to run.

"And then because I'm sat on it, all the heat rises up through my body and the blanket traps it in so it's really warm."

Finally, the money-saving whizz recommends purchasing yourself some wrist warmers.

"I know you can get electrical gizmos and everything," she says. "I did try them last year, but they were rubbish.

"These are from the 'Nearly New Cashmere company' and they're made out of old recycled jumpers.

"So if you've got any holy old jumpers, what they've done is make a hole in the seam for your hands and just hemmed it back.

"You can make those out of old jumpers because your hands get so cold working at home and typing, you can still make a cup of tea, you can cook the tea wearing those.

"These are an absolute God send!"

The post quickly went viral, with many taking to the comments section to praise the Duchess of Thrift for sharing her top warming tips.

"I love the idea of warming clothes in the morning, thank you," wrote one.

A second praised: "Keeping the nation warm…Great tips…x"

A third commended: "Great tips, love the gloves!"

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Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Good tips, thanks!"

And another penned: "They are great tips thanks! I am going to try warming my clothes. No heating on here either!"

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