Student tells ‘strict’ parents she got pregnant by sitting on her boyfriend’s lap & him sneezing – and it IS possible

A WOMAN has shared the bonkers excuse she told her ‘strict’ parents after falling pregnant at university. 

The woman revealed she’d been a student for one year, when she discovered she was expecting. 

But as she has very ‘strict, Christian’ parents, she got a little creative when explaining exactly how it happened. 

She shared her brilliant explanation on TikTok, saying: “Me trying to explain to my strict Korean Christian parents how I got pregnant.”

The mum-to-be shares a humorous clip she found online, which suggests the buttons on your fly, an open window and a dandelion can all contribute to conception. 

The clip, accompanied by hilarious animations, says: “Can you get pregnant from sitting on your boyfriend’s lap? 100% and here’s how. 

“You’re sitting on your boyfriend’s lap, face to face, he’s wearing jeans, button fly.

“The manufacturer of the jeans made an error, put too much space in-between the buttons.

“This leaves a gap between the buttons wide enough for the tip of penis to poke out its little head.

“Unbeknownst to you, your boyfriend is not wearing underwear. Hockey practice, he got too sweaty.

“The window in the living room is slightly ajar because it’s springtime, and a dandelion petal flies in. 

“Your boyfriend is allergic and he sneezes .00008 per cent of men orgasm when they sneeze, he’s one of those men.”

The clip has racked up more than 26 million views, as the woman revealed her parents were behind her.

She said: “Got pregnant after 1 year in college. Welp I’m 23 weeks now and they are very supporting.” 

Thousands of people commented on the clip, impressed at how detailed the very obviously false explanation was. 

But despite the scenario being far-fetched, studies have shown men do sneeze when they’re sexually aroused.

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine shared a study from researchers, Dr Mahmood Bhutta and Dr Harold Maxwell, who linked sneezing and sexual thoughts. 

They said: "Sometimes the signals in this system get crossed, and I think this may be why some people sneeze when they think about sex."

Any amount of sperm, including that found in pre-ejaculation fluid, can cause a pregnancy if it gets into the vagina.

So while the woman’s theory is highly unlikely, there is the tiniest possibility it could lead to a pregnancy.

People were desperate to know if her parents bought the line, with one person commenting: "But the question is did they believe you?”

Someone else asked: “But then they’re like ‘why were you sitting on his lap?’”

A third joked: “Seems believable enough.” 

While this person wrote: “she said that 100% soooo confidently, I nearly took her seriously.” 

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