Tricky brainteaser asks if you can spot the tiny ant rummaging through the rubbish – so how long will it take YOU?

IT'S not uncommon to find insects lurking in your home – but this tricky brainteaser will certainly put your eyesight to the test.

Among the fizzy drinks and the cartons of milk there's a curious ant hiding- so how long will it take you to spot it?

Cleanipedia created this colourful rubbish scene to see how long it takes you to spot the tiny ant.

According to the cleaning website, insects often get into your home through gaps in the walls and entry points like windows, vents, and pipes.

So they suggest inspecting your home for cracks and crevices and make sure to seal them to prevent more bugs from coming in.

Take on the challenge if you dare – and the answer is below when you've had a go.

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