‘Ultimate fashion inspiration’: Kate’s ‘extraordinary gift’ to be ‘regal and relatable’

Kate Middleton meets a holocaust survivor

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Recent research revealed online searches for ‘navy coat’ in the UK exploded by 270 percent on November 11, the day after Kate Middleton wore a long, navy coat to the opening of two new galleries at the Imperial War Museum. New research from creative resource Design Bundles revealed online interest in navy coats skyrocketed to three times the average volume in 24 hours. 

This was an unprecedented spike in interest for people Googling navy coats, according to Google Trends data.

The Duchess of Cambridge paired her navy-blue Catherine Walker coat with navy trousers, navy court heels and a military-style sailor shirt by Alexander McQueen.

This was in keeping with the spirit of the event and its setting in the Imperial War Museum.

The data revealed searches for ‘navy trousers’ jumped 300 percent (four times the average volume), while searches for ‘navy heels’ saw a hike of 570 percent (six times the average volume).

The Duchess, who officially opened The Second World War Gallery and the Holocaust Gallery on November 10, accessorised her look with a poppy pin in advance of Remembrance Day.

She also wore a pair of sapphire and diamond drop earrings, which belonged to Princess Diana.

The research showed searches for ‘sapphire earrings’ jumped a huge 2,800 percent on November 11, after Kate Middleton wore Diana’s earrings to the gallery openings.

A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented on the findings, exclusively for Express.co.uk.

They said: “With every appearance she makes, Kate Middleton proves herself to be the ultimate fashion inspiration.

“She has an extraordinary gift for using style to reflect the spirit and meaning of the events she attends and conveying respect and warmth for the people she meets.

“The Duchess’s poppy pin and military-style sailor shirt, with its characteristic gold buttons, was a respectful nod to the atmosphere of the Imperial War Museum.

“Also, the importance of the gallery openings commemorating those fallen in the Second World War, and survivors of The Holocaust.

“Kate Middleton’s long navy coat – recycled from just a few months ago – and navy trousers offset the black and white contrast of her sailor shirt.

“This allowed her to cut a smooth and striking figure.

“The Duchess’s ability to appear both regal and relatable may partly explain the huge rise in searches for her navy-blue ensemble.

“The fact that she frequently recycles her clothes (she wore her Alexander McQueen sailor shirt ten years ago in 2011), makes her a particularly attractive and attainable fashion icon.

“Kate Middleton also included a touching acknowledgement to Princess Diana –the mother-in-law she never got to meet – in her ensemble.

“She accessorised her outfit with Princess Diana’s sapphire drop earrings, each encircled with a halo of diamonds.

“The Duchess’s expertly colour blocked outfit, with its shades of navy, may well also have been a reassuring reminder and homage to The Queen.

“The Queen also frequently wears bold, block colours.”

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