Vernon Kay shares mop cleaning hack after being inundated with requests from I’m A Celeb viewers

VERNON Kay has revealed his sought-after mopping technique after being flooded with requests from I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! fans.

The TV host, who came third in the 2020 series, had shared the cleaning hack with fellow finalist Jordan North on the show. 

The camp members had various “chores” to do around camp, and Vernon showed Jordan how to mop the floor of the privy correctly. 

Many ITV viewers were quick to notice his figure of eight technique – and Vernon explained his expert knowledge was down to previously getting a job as a cleaner for the local council. 

Vernon has now given fans a two-minute video tutorial of him showing how to nail the method. 

The hilarious clip also features Salsa dancing and a touch of "passion and love".

He captioned the clip: "Life 101: Ever since @imacelebrity several people have mentioned they now mop the floor using the 'figure of 8'!!

"Well, here goes, the best way to mop a floor… (Courtesy of Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council!) You're welcome…"

Vernon shows that you first need to “create a frame” around the area that needs cleaning. 

He said: "So before we start mopping we need to create a frame around the area in which we are going to mop. 

“This is why, as you can see, the figure of eight on its side has two rounded edges, so that area doesn't get missed.

“We create a frame around the outside of the area we're going to mop, making sure no area is left untouched.

“So you create your boundary, preventing any area getting missed and then you perform your figure of eight. 

“All the tentacles are at the back of the mop, the head of the mop is scooping up all the hard particles.

"And then you can, if you want, have a little bit of fun and Salsa your way down your floor using that figure of eight technique. 

“And finally, the most important step of all, step four, you have to mop with passion and love."

Since Vernon uploaded his video, it has racked up over 160,000 views on Instagram.

One fan wrote: "The best thing I've ever seen. Move over #MrsHinch, [Vernon] can take things from here.”

Not everyone was impressed, with his fellow campmate, Shane Richie, saying: "Sweet baby Jesus! You really are bored."

Another added: "I can't believe I actually just sat through Vernon Kay teaching me how to mop."

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