We’re dubbed the UK version of Selling Sunset – five easy and cheap ways to add thousands to your property value

Glam estate agents dubbed the ‘Property Twins’ reveal best way to add THOUSANDS to property value without breaking the bank

A glamorous duo of estate agents dubbed the ‘Property Twins’ have revealed their top tips for adding value to a property – all of which are budget-friendly.

Twins Tonya Barnard and Rea Hill, 35, from Essex, have spent the past 15 years working side-by-side to conquer the property industry, starting off as trainee lettings agents in their home town of Chelmsford.

The women, who have been compared to the UK's answer to Selling Sunset, merged their companies and joined forces to launch Victoria Louise, their joint agency offering a “bespoke selling service”.

Now, the experts have revealed five failsafe ways to add value to a property and make it more desirable to potential buyers – all without breaking the bank.



When potential buyers first visit a property, the Property Twins believe it is vital to make a good first impression.

“Tidy any rubbish away, clean down windows/doors and a lick of paint if needed,” Tonya and Rea told Jam Press.

“Make sure lights are working and avoid heavy traffic times for viewings.

“First impressions count!”

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It sounds simple, but ensuring the home is clean and tidy can make a huge difference to impress buyers.

This means getting serious about de-cluttering the property, and making sure excess furniture and knick-knacks aren’t on show to put off visitors.

Tonya and Rea recommended: “Open up your space internally so the property is presented to its best potential.”


While you might have no intention of doing any work on your home before it sells, securing planning permission before selling it could add a decent chunk to the buying price.

Tonya and Rea said: “Selling your home with planning permission could add thousands onto your asking price without even having to do any build work yourself.”


While it can be tempting to focus fully on the interior and getting the house ship shape, the experts recommend not overlooking the gardens – even if that just means tidying up the outdoor spaces.

They said: “If you can improve the look of your garden this will really help, gardens are very important now more than ever and can help achieve a higher value.”


A rather unique final tip is to ditch the traditional house number and christen the home with its own name.

Tonya and Rea said: “House names are very desirable so if the property is suitable, apply for a name as this could help add character and in return demand a higher value.”

Of their joint success, the women said: “We have the same work ethic and expectations; we both know that each other will go above and beyond with our clients and we have a lot of self-pride.

“We are both extremely determined and are happy to graft and we never have to worry about that like we would perhaps with other employees.

“We love to dress up and present ourselves well for work, it makes us feel great.

“Between the two of us we can cover all areas of property, inside and out and that goes a really long way when we are speaking with clients as we can help with all different types of buyers.

“I think our passion for property shines through on all project we are work on; we have a genuine love for all things property.

“I think it's important for our clients to see our excitement and enthusiasm about their property when selling as this will reflect when showing potential buyers around.

“We have learnt the ropes of all areas of property over the past 15 years, working from the bottom was such great experience and gave us the backbone we needed to set up shop on our own.”

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