Woman finds bomb shelter hidden beneath a house – and it even has bedrooms and a secret food store

A WOMAN was shocked to discover a huge bomb shelter beneath the floorboards – which has bedrooms and ventilation. 

Jennifer Little, from California, moved a piece of furniture in the master bedroom to reveal a circular manhole on TikTok. 

Her husband clambered into the hole – which was extremely tight – but not before tidying up the gap with a feather duster. 

“I got totally freaked by all the huge spiders,” she later said. 

Jennifer initially thought it was a shelter from World War Two, but after learning the house was built in 1951 she realised it would have been a fall-out shelter for nuclear bombs during the Cold War. 

She said: “This house has a bomb shelter, pretty normal for back then. 

“People were so afraid of a nuclear bomb happening on the California coast, especially central California because it’s so exposed.

“The shelter has beds and ventilation as well.”

Jennifer later filmed the food store for the bomb shelter, which was in a state of disrepair.

The mum said: “This is the dry storage room for the bomb shelter. I’m not sure why they built it this way as you’d need to leave the shelter to go into the dry storage room.” 

Various clips have racked up millions of views, with people in awe over the bunker.

One person said: "Well if there's a zombie apocalypse at least ya'll be safe."

Another wrote: "My claustophobia just went through the roof."

A third commented: "Imagine they can't move the dresser in time."

This person thought: "I would never go down there."

While another said: "Ok but if debris fall on it from the bomb how would anyone know you were there."

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