Woman makes ‘essentials’ basket for her car with face wipes and deodorant – but people aren’t sure it’s worth the effort

THIS woman has divided opinion with her “car essentials” basket, with some saying it’s more hassle than it’s worth and it’s bound to make a mess.

Tiktok user Sian says that her video is a “sign” for other people to create their own essentials baskets, but many just aren’t convinced.

Sian shared the video with her followers, showing them how to pack a basket full of important bits and bobs in case they ever have a car emergency.

In the video, she pops down to Tesco and stocks up on car maintenance items and personal hygiene products.

She includes baby wipes, paracetamol, and deodorant alongside screen wash and multi-surface wipes. 

Some commenters weren’t convinced by Sian’s car hack.

“Until you turn round a corner and then it goes everywhere”, said one viewer.

Another critical commenter wrote: “Your essentials basket gonna turn into an essentials boot with the turn of one corner.”

A few people, however, said that the problem of sharp corners can be overcome by simply buying some velcro and securing the basket to the bottom of the boot. 

One viewer said she’d tried the idea herself and it was totally useless.

“New driver by any chance? I did the exact same. It’s sat there untouched three years later”, she said. 

Lots of other viewers thought that Sian’s car essentials basket was a great idea.

“This is what I’m going to be doing”, said one enthusiastic viewer, while a second said the basket was “so cute”.

“Love this idea”, wrote a third. 

Some said they couldn’t wait to do it – and they can’t even drive yet.

“Wait this is smart girrlll. You got me excited to do this in my car that I can’t even drive”, joked one viewer, while another said: “I will when I pass.”

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