Woman reveals ‘Karen’ neighbour sprays them every time they have BBQs – and people can’t believe the level of pettiness | The Sun

A WOMAN was left shocked after her “Karen” neighbour started cruelly spraying her family over the fence during a barbecue. 

In a one-minute clip, the mum showed her female neighbour using a hose over the fence as she begs her to stop due to there being children present.

The neighbour is not to be deterred however, calling out: “Your s**t comes over here.”

Trying to persuade her to stop brandishing the hose, one of the BBQ-attendees calls out: “Your s**t came over out stuff, just don’t spray us.”

The mum adds: “We have babies over here.”

When the neighbour doesn’t stop spraying, the man yells: “You are a jacka**. Are you feeling better? Does that make you happy?”

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Another man calls her a “weirdo” and tries to get her to stop, she turns and sprays him full-on in the face.

The man calls out: “How rude can a person be?”

The rude encounter was shared on Reddit with the caption: “Backyard Karen sprays her neighbors.”

Many people were shocked at the clip, and called out the angry woman with the hose.

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One person wrote: “The amount of pettiness that I would resort too would know no bounds. Air horn long enough every night once an hour to wake her up.”

Another added: “The real low point is that she is wearing airpods pretending that she can't hear them. But, as soon as that guy calls her a weirdo, she turns directly to spray him.”

And a third commented: “My old neighbors were like this. None of their family would visit them, for obvious reasons, and they had no friends.”

However, some people said they wouldn’t retaliate to keep the peace.

One person wrote: “I want peace at home so do what I can to keep neighbours happy.”

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