Woman shares genius hack to get frothy Starbucks-style milk on your coffee, and all you need is a soap dispenser | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people mind blown after revealing you can turn a soap dispenser into a milk frother.

Cheryl explained that she'd seen the hack herself online, and decided to give it a try as she's a "foamy milk lover".

She then filmed another TikTok to share the hack, as it's "something I think you just need to know about".

"So you take a foaming hand soap dispenser and then you put milk in it," she began.

"Get ready for your mind to be blown."

She then pumped the dispenser and out came foamy milk to go onto the top of her coffee.

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"If you're a foamy milk person… foamy milk!" she grinned.

"Like maybe you're at the cottage and you don't have your fancy schmancy coffee maker, or maybe you just don't have one.

"I mean…!"

She added in the caption: "Things I saw on Tiktok I think you should know about…..frothy milk lovers unite!"

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And people were quick to admit the hack had similarly blown their minds.

"My mind is definitely blown, that is so cool!" one wrote.

"OMG get the foam out of here!! Brilliant!" another added.

As a third commented: "I was today years old".

"Oh……my……God.. wow," someone else wrote.

"Who'd a thought there's life after the empty soap dispenser!!!" another laughed.

"Love it!! Certainly gonna try it."

But not everyone was convinced by the hack, with some insisting the milk would end up tasting of soap.

"I could NEVER get a hand soap dispenser clean enough to not taste like soap lol," one wrote.

"Wouldn’t it taste like soap?" another questioned.

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!A brand new one maybe but a repurchased one no thank you I can taste the bath and body works from here!" a third said.

"Yummmm with a soapy after taste," someone else wrote.

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