Woman shows the staggering difference in Primark sizing as she compares size 14 and 16 bottoms | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people stunned after showing the staggering size differences between Primark clothes.

Khandie took to TikTok to share a video which she began: "Your body isn’t the problem.

"It’s the clothing sizes. And let me just show you using a few examples."

She then turned the camera to show a pile of clothes on her bed, all of which were from Primark.

"This is a size 14 skirt, you can see," she said.

"Take this away, this one is significantly smaller – this is also a size 14.

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"But if you put the skirt back, well it seems to be a bit longer doesn’t it, because that’s the edge. 

"Let’s keep going – this is a 14. Again, these aren’t measuring up."

She then peeled away a size 14 pair of shorts that was significantly bigger than the one beneath – which was a size 16.

"The one underneath is also a 16. Look at the difference," she raged.

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"This is why I don't shop in Primark I'm not big in the slightest but the sizing make me feel huge," one person wrote in the comments section.

"Same issue in new look, Adidas and even river island for me," Khandie replied.

"i always thought it was only H&M sizes that were weird but it’s all shops now," another added.

"Oh h&m makes me laugh too with their sizes," Khandie said.

"ive given up. I can be anything from a 14 to 22," a third commented.

To which Khandie answered: "Yesterday was I was an 18. I'm in a 12 shorts now."

"I had to size up to a size 20(!) in primark jeans. I'm usually a 16! I've never been a size 20," someone else said.

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