You have 20/20 vision if you can find the cat hidden among the owls in 10 seconds | The Sun

ONLY those with a sharp eye will be able to find the cat hidden among the owls in this image in under ten seconds.

Nonetheless, this is a task and a half because this cat does not want to be found.

The brainteaser is made even more challenging because of the surprising similarity between the two creatures.

Who would have thought a bird and a feline could be so alike?

But this image proves that is most definitely the case.

It might have been what artist and illustrator Gergely Dudas, who also goes by Dudolf (@thedudolf), had in mind when he drew it.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, his Twitter account is populated with dozens of head-scratching images.

They all tax and tease the brain, while also straining the eyes.

He has created other befuddling pictures featuring rabbits, reindeer, pigs in clover, and skeletons at Halloween

The ante is upped in this quest because you only have ten seconds, so your eyes have to get scanning pretty quickly.

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The owls are identical in shape and expression but come in different colors. Not that this helps a great deal.

If you succeed, you can give yourself a pat on the back because it means you have perfect vision.

Can you solve it? If not, we have the solution below circled in red.

Looking to test your limits with another teaser?

See if you can find all four women hiding in this optical illusion.

Comments to Gergely's post were impressed.

“Came across your artwork after searching for a Where’s Wally style book but with cats. You should make this into a book. It’s great," was the reaction of one fan.

However, another viewer had hit the jackpot and located the pussy cat: “Found the cat. Spoiler: cats don’t have beaks," she said.

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