You've been cleaning your washing machine all wrong – and it could be making it smell

YOUR washing machine can easily accumulate grime, especially around the seal where there can be excess water.

But savvy cleaning fans have got a solution for you, that you may not have tried before.

On a popular, Mrs Hinch inspired, cleaning Facebook group, one woman posed a question to fellow community members.

Philippa Rose said: “Washing machine keeps holding water here at end of each wash.

“I’ve checked pipes at back and emptied the filter – any tips – thanks.”

It wasn't long before fellow Facebook users jumped in to share their advice for ditching the gunk.

But there was one tip that most of us don't do, but we definitely should.

One person said: “I always dry mine with kitchen roll and leave a piece at the bottom of the seal, and leave the door open.”

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Another agreed: “Perfectly normal, just wipe it out each time you use it and leave the door ajar.”

A third said: “I thought this was normal, and you leave door open after wash to prevent mould.

“Or soak up with tea towel or kitchen roll.”

Another agreed: “When finished washing your clothes, leave the washing machine door open to let it dry because if you shut the door when it’s wet you will get mould and a bad smell.”

Leaving the washing machine door open allows the air in and lets moisture escape, so you're more likely to avoid mildew.

Another person said: “I gave mine a good clean a while ago, and was horrified at how much horrible sludge I found, at the top as well as the bottom edge.

“I push a tea towel in after every wash and dry it thoroughly.”

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