Alert: You Can Get $50 Off AirPods Pro on Amazon for Cyber Monday

If you’re not in the market for some new headphones but know someone who is, these make a great gift for practically anyone (and don’t worry, nobody has to know the amazing deal you scored).

You—or your giftee—will love using the “transparency mode” feature in them. Basically, it means you can opt to turn off noise cancellation if you prefer to hear outside noises and easily interact with the world around you—a handy feature when you are out running and need to listen for traffic in the background of your music or you are at the grocery store and want to talk to the cute stranger in line without taking your earbuds in and out.

Essential tech like earbuds always make a great gift, but with all the customizable features of the AirPods Pro, it’s a no-brainer. And now that you’re scoring these for 20% off you’ll definitely want to grab a few for all those hard-to-shop-for people on your list (including yourself). Just don’t forget a cute AirPods case—for just $8, this one will make sure you never lose your favorite new purchase.

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