Amy Hart takes OK! on tour around the home she shares with boyfriend Sam Rason

Love Island’sAmy Hartis a fan of the finer things in life and earlier this month the star gave OK! an exclusive tour inside her and beau Sam Rason’s home.

Amy, 29, moved into her stunning West Sussex home back in 2021 with a close friend, but since her blossoming romance with boyfriend Sam Rason, the TV presenter welcomed him into her abode.

The pair began their tour in the kitchen where the star explained that she has a very specific rule since living with her family that she’s incorporated into life with Sam: “The rule in my family home was if you do the cooking, you don’t have to do the cleaning so I always make sure that I start the cooking before Sam finishes work.”

Amy told us that she and Sam are big fans of entertaining so a major part of their kitchen is a luxury two tier silver drinks table that features an array of spirits and glasses.

She gave a tour of her grey and white kitchen while explaining that she hasn’t had much work done to the area since moving in but added an air fryer and egg poacher.

Amy explained that she “loves stodge” and showed off the inside of the couple’s fridge while explaining that she eats children’s ready meals when she’s dieting to get her “stodge” in.

Though, she did admit that Sam adds plenty of healthy stuff to the fridge.

As would be expected for a fashionista, Amy’s walk-in wardrobe is as full to the brim as expected and as she showed off her handbags and accessories collection she explained that when Sam moved in he was given “half a wardrobe” and a drawer.

She added that the rest of her “winter handbags” are in a suitcase somewhere while Sam quipped “so are the rest of my clothes”.

The blonde beauty later teased Sam when she showed off her dressing table and revealed that he dyes his beard.

Amy ended the tour in her garden and stood on the upper part of it which she calls the “stage”.

She explained that she was about to buy a house down the road but the garden area is what sealed the deal here.

Previously Amy revealed sheruined the sweet moment Sam was about to tell her he loved her.

Speaking exclusively to OK! the former Love Island star revealed she pipped him to the post and said it first while on holiday in Spain.

“Basically, Sam was about to tell me he loved me, but me being me, ruined it,” she said.

“He was like, ‘I’m really falling for you’, and I went, ‘I love you too!’ before he could say it.”

Sam commented: “So you said it first.”

“I said it first apparently,” Amy laughed.


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