Babestation’s barmiest callers – from wig wearing Arsenal star to politicians

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    Babestation has run its sexy hotline for 20 years – and has had plenty of stand-out callers in this time.

    On a recent behind the scenes, visit Daily Star was told of some huge names who rang in.

    But publishing the names of some – including well known politicians – could of course be problematic.

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    At the time, general manager, Mo, told us: “We have very wealthy people spending a lot of money and then just your average Joe on pay day who has 50 quid spare.”

    Despite not being able to name the randy celebs, we spoke to some of the Babes to get an insight into some of their most bonkers callers.

    First up we have brunette beauty Chloe Gray who went from being homeless and 10p in the red to a racy model who drives a Range Rover.

    The dominatrix revealed how a famous Arsenal star called her while wearing a wig, lipstick and sexy lingerie.

    The 27-year-old, from Dorset, told us: “He spent around £1,000 and he wanted to dress up like a girl.

    “He had a full set of white lingerie on and he had full blown lipstick, a wig, the works.

    “With the footballers calling in I always think it’s crazy how they can go from having such a high-powered job and being so professional to then in their private lives being in front of a screen for something that is a complete taboo.”

    And according to her colleagues, the Gunner isn’t the only Premier League ace who has contacted Babestation for some fun.

    Spurs fan Jess West has been at the channel for over 12 years and said having high-profile clients becomes normal.

    The Essex babe said: “I’ve had famous people call me on Babestation and you get footballers, particularly the younger generation, calling up and saying they play for so and so.

    “They ask how much it would be to book me and I’m always like ‘you can’t book me, this is phone sex’.

    “It was always the footballers who would call and straight away drop in who they are.

    “They say things like, ‘oh you are so beautiful I just couldn’t help but talk to you’ and they ask to go on a date. Again I say it’s phone sex, it’s not like that.

    “But because they are footballers and we are on the TV and a lot of us are models they just think ‘oh I like her’ as if it’s a catalogue they can choose from.”

    Jess – who once worked as a Sainsbury’s deli girl – added: “They would play for Arsenal, Liverpool and the big teams.

    “It was the young ones, not exactly David Beckham, but it was the ones who had just signed to the main squad after being in the youth team. They would tell me they’ve watched me for years.”

    Chloe Gray meanwhile said the Arsenal hero was not her only bonkers client.

    She also exposed a policeman who supposedly wore a leash and ate from a dog bowl during a bizarre webcam.

    Elaborating further, she said: “I had one policeman who wanted to be my puppy basically and I had to make him eat food from a dog bowl and have him walk around on a leash.

    “It’s mad isn’t it? I don’t know what his rank was but he said he was a police officer. I think he spent roughly £700.

    “I’ve also had a sub whose parents were quite high up in politics. But I don’t know if I can say who because I don’t want to get sued.”

    This month Yasmin Nicole meanwhile is celebrating her two year anniversary at Babestation.

    She turned to the kinky service after Covid-19 lockdowns prevented her from being a makeup artist.

    And reminiscing on her weirdest callers, the London based stunner said: “There are viewers that like to be humiliated, I’ve seen a man punch himself really hard in the balls because he believed he had a small penis and deserved to be punished.

    “I have a regular who wants me to zoom in the camera on a pair of stripper heels and ignore him while he empties the credits on his account.

    “I’ve also seen a lot of men in chastity devices.”

    Another favourite at Babestaion is Megan Rox who turned to saucy modelling after describing being a palliative care worker during the pandemic as “awful”.

    The Brummie, 26, has already had a wealth of wild callers from biscuit addicts to pig lovers.

    Laughing, she told us: “One guy is just obsessed with biscuits.

    “He’s called me up a few times and he’s got a thing for biscuits and I don’t know what he really does with them… but he seems to enjoy himself.”

    She added: “I’ve also got one guy who has got a thing for pigs.

    “He has loads of stuffed animals around him and he cuddles pigs and I’ve seen him sitting there cuddling a baby pig.”

    And Megan’s close friend Amber Paige, who joined after quitting her manager’s job while on furlough, also spoke about her maddest experiences.

    The Buckinghamshire bombshell, 22, said: “Every single one of them is mad in their own way, especially at nights when you get past 11pm.

    “While on a cam call when I first joined I had a guy come on and he wanted me to spill things over myself.

    “I told him I didn’t have anything nearby, just a cup of tea and I wasn’t going to spill that on myself.

    “But he begged me to pretend so I just sat on the bed pretending to pour a cup of tea down myself and I was like ‘oh god, I’m getting so close to spilling’.

    “In my head I was thinking that my job was to serve cups of tea a few months back and here I was pretending to pour it down myself.”


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