Barbie fan issues 'warning' about major moment at start of the movie

Barbie fan issues ‘warning’ about a major moment at the start of the movie you might have missed

  • Self-titled feminist Brittney, from Texas, said scene has inspired her new motto
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A feminist influencer is urging Barbie fans to pay attention to an important moment at the beginning of the movie that a lot of people may have missed.

Brittney Garcia-Dumas, 34, from Arlington, Texas, took to TikTok to unpack the special scene that many people say has made them feel ’empowered’.

The self-titled ‘feminist’ and single mother advised fans to pay careful attention to when the Barbies accept their special achievement awards, because instead of saying a traditional ‘thank you’, they instead boast ‘I deserve it’.

The digital marketing expert’s discovery inspired many others, and as such has attracted over 1 million views and 527 comments.

So impressed by the line, Brittney said it was her ‘new motto’. 

New motto barbie barbiemovie

A feminist influencer is urging Barbie fans to pay attention to an important moment at the beginning of the movie that a lot of people may have missed (Actress Issa Rae is pictured centre)

She continued: ‘Just a warning about the Barbie movie.

‘In the beginning when they’re all accepting their awards, they don’t say “thank you”.

 ‘They say, “I worked really hard for this and I deserve it”.’

The content creator takes a slight pause to savor the moment before adding: ‘And it will truly make you feel like you can walk through a wall’.

The inspiring moment which could easily be missed lit up the comments section, with one woman saying her ‘jaw dropped’.

‘I came out of the movie feeling EMPOWERED’ said another woman.

Another person added: ‘I just left a Facebook ad/ post about the movie and all the men were enraged! I can’t wait to see it’.

Someone else wrote: ‘How did I miss this? So much to unpack. Fine, I’ll go see it again.’ 

On TikTok Brittney Garcia-Dumas (pictured), 34, from Arlington, Texas, unpacked the special scene that some say has made them feel ’empowered’

The video has attracted over 500 comments, including one woman who said her ‘jaw dropped’ after noticing the powerful scene

Meanwhile one person said: ‘I have not stopped thinking about that part. Just the mental paradigm shift I absolutely needed’.

Others also shared their standout moments from the Margot Robbie movie, with one recalling: ‘And when Barbie calls the lady at the bus stop “beautiful”, she responds with “I know it”’.

A second added: ‘And when they say “you look pretty” they say “I feel pretty”. We should be able to say that.’

Highly regarded as the movie of the moment, the film also inspired a life-changing decision for influencer Oli London, who recently revealed he was ‘living as Ken’. 

Influencer Oli London (pictured), from Hertfordshire, says he’s ‘de-transitioned’ his feminine appearance to look like Barbie’s fictional boyfriend Ken

The 33-year-old from Hertford who once spent a staggering £233,000 on cosmetic surgeries to look like a Barbie doll said he had ‘de-transitioned’ his feminine appearance to look like Barbie’s fictional boyfriend Ken.

He added that he regretted undergoing some 32 cosmetic operations – including cat-eye surgery – which have left him with painful lock jaw as well as ‘paralysed with facial muscle movements’. 

Oli says his exhaustive list of past surgeries were done to look like his idol Barbie.

In October 2022, he said he decided to revert back to identifying as a cisgender man.

He now lives as Ken and this includes him continually bleaching his hair, doing his makeup, having special Ken-style outfits made, as well as having ‘constant facials’ to help him have a ‘Ken doll like glow’.

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