Biggest tattoo regrets – from awful £10 ink to one that’s disappeared

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Tattoos can last forever, which isn't something all of these people considered before getting inked.

People have taken to the internet to reveal the work they got that is so bad, they instantly regretted it.

From a tribute to a family member gone wrong to a woman left looking like her tattoo was done in prison, here we look at people’s greatest ink regrets.

And we can't help but feel bad for these unlucky sods.

Gran designs

A TikTok star was left fuming after finding out that an "awful" botched £10 tattoo she had got in tribute to her late grandmother would cost her "hundreds of pounds" to get removed

Tiffany told fans she had decided to get a sweet one-word tattoo in tribute to her late grandmother who passed away.

She showed a mock-up that simply reads "Nanny" in respectful Victorian-style cursive writing, with small flourishes on either side.

But the next slide showed the botched design the tattoo artist actually gave her, which looked like it had been penned by a child.

The lines of the drawing appear to be written in a shaky fashion, with each letter varying considerably in size and seeming to be squashed in towards the end of the word.

She captioned the post by saying: "£10 tattoo that's costing me hundreds to get removed."

Tiffany revealed in the comments that she has now begun a laser removal process after she had stuck with the tattoo for nine years.

Think before you ink

Hannah, who lives in Cornwall, wanted to get a garden gnome tattoo on her arm but was so shocked with the result, calling it the "worst tattoo ever".

Posting a video on TikTok, Hannah revealed just how bad the piece she has really is.

"What I wanted versus what I got — tattoo edition," she said, showing the inspiration picture of her ideal "gnome" inking.

The design she showed the tattoo artist is of a bearded gnome with a pointed hat, boots and a belted top.

But the inking Hannah got on her arm is nothing close to that.

Not only is it a lot smaller than the original, but it is also only of the hat and the face.

The linework is also so rough, it resembles a matchstick figure. Oh dear.

Going up in flames

Taylor Gehris, from US, was left disappointed when she got a tattoo inked on her finger and it faded within a week.

She wanted to get a "twin flame" tattoo on her ring finger and showed people on TikTok the design that she was after.

On the day of her appointment, Taylor seems happy when the tattoo artist inks the flame pattern just below the knuckle.

While she was happy with it when she was showing pictures of it the following day, a week later it has almost completely disappeared.

Taylor said: "Let's just say don't get the newbie at the tattoo parlour.

"I'm just going to take it as a learning experience and let it fade away. My friend bought it for me, she dropped $100 (£74) for each tattoo," Taylor responded in the comments.

She believes it faded so fast because the tattoo artist didn't ink it deep enough.

Tatt's awkward

A woman was left cringing after the tattoo she got was an instant disaster due to looking like it had been done in prison rather than a studio.

Jessica, AKA @jessicawilliams546, wanted a simple design of two hands reaching toward each other.

She showered her audience in a TikTok video the exact design she was after – unfortunately, her version is barely recognisable as a body part.

Viewers were quick to comment on the shoddy artwork, with many comparing it to a prison tatt.

One viewer wrote: "I've seen jail tats better than that."

Another said: "I’ve never done a tattoo in my life but I genuinely think I could do better.”

A third asked: "Do people NOT research their tattoo artist before getting a tattoo? Do y'all just go to anyone? Doesn’t make sense."

Call failed

A fan of late rapper Mac Miller wanted to get a tattoo paying homage to his song "Missed Calls" – but it ended in disaster.

Izzy, from Idaho in the US, was inspired to get a mobile phone tattoo after a visit to Blue Slide Park, a tattoo studio named after one of his albums.

Sadly her request didn't go quite to plan and she called the end result "the worst tattoo ever".

Speaking on TikTok she said: "I got my cellphone for Mac Miller (missed calls) and told her I wanted it 2×3 in size and she tattooed the '2-3x'.

"How do I fix that? Someone help me, what do I do?"

Izzy added: "I didn't see it until my friend told me and she took a picture of my arm and showed it to me.

"[The tattoo artist] also kept saying she was in a hurry to get to a date after my appointment so she rushed. This took about 30 minutes."

Izzy updated her followers saying she got the "2-3X" covered up in ombre black and had the linework fixed at her go-to tattoo studio.

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