Blogger slams Milan restaurant for giving her a menu without prices

Argentinian WAG slams ‘sexist’ high-end restaurant in Milan for handing her a ‘blind’ menu without prices on the assumption that the man will always pay

  • Agustina Gandolfo is the girlfriend of Milan-based footballer Lautaro Martínez
  • The Argentinian couple went out for a romantic dinner over the weekend  
  • Agustina, who is a lifestyle blogger, claims was handed a ‘blind menu’
  • Claimed was sexist that her menu had no prices on, assumed the man would pay 

A blogger slammed a restaurant in Milan for handing menus without prices to women, saying it was sexist. 

Agustina Gandolfo, 25, is the girlfriend of Argentinian footballer Lautaro Martínez, who currently plays for Inter Milan and is based in the city. 

The lifestyle blogger made headlines this week by claiming a Milanese restaurant had handed her a menu that didn’t have any prices on during a romantic meal with her beau. 

She claimed on her Instagram story that the practice is sexist because it assumes the man is going to pay for the meal, not the woman. 

Agustina Gandolfo, 25, the girlfriend of Argentinian footballer Lautaro Martínez, pictured, slammed s Milanese restaurant after it handed her a menu without prices

While she kept the name of the establishment to herself, Agustina, who shares a daughter with Lautaro, claimed that other upmarket restaurants in Milan do the same.  

‘Did you know that in numerous restaurants in Italy they don’t put prices on the menus that they give to women?’ she asked in her story. 

She shared a picture of the menu she was handed, which listed luxury meals, but no matching prices. 

She said she was outraged by the move, asking: ‘What if I wanted to pay?’

The blogger shared a pictures of the menu, which listed the meals but not the prices, pictured, on her Instagram story

After posting her initial story, the model and mother-of-one said many Italian people had come back to her to explain only high-end restaurants use blind menus. 

‘The worst thing is that they justify this by saying it only happens in restaurants of a certain level. So does that mean women cannot pay if we are talking about a more expensive meal?’ she went on.

People on social media have said that some Italian waiters are still told to ask the man to taste the wine even if the female guest orders it, and to give the bill to the man, even if the woman has requested it, the Times reported.  

Rossella Cerea, manager at the three Michelin-starred restaurant Da Vittorio, located near Bergamo, said she doesn’t see what is wrong with the practice. 

The model said she was ‘outraged’ by the move, saying it implies women can’t pay for expensive meals 

The mother-of-one, who is based in Milan, where Lautero, right, works, was told only high end restaurants hand out blind menus 

The model, pictured, was shocked to find more high end restaurants are giving women blind menus

‘If there is a couple at table we have the habit of giving the blind menu to the woman. It is not discrimination but a form of gallantry,’ she told La Repubblica newspaper.

‘It is way to advise the woman to enjoy the dinner, the atmosphere and the good food without worrying about more banal matters,’ she went on. 

Meanwhile, the owner of the Pipero restaurant in Rome, Alessandro Pipero, said he thought it was disrespectful not to show the prices to a female client. 

‘We are in 2021 and it is not possible to believe that a woman will not pay at a restaurant. And even if she doesn’t pay, why shouldn’t she know the prices of the meals? he said.

‘I am obliged by law to show my prices outside, so what does that mean? A woman can read them outside but not inside,’ he went on. 

Agustina, pictured with Lautero, launched a debate it Italy over the necessity of blind menus in restaurant

Some agree with the model, pictured, that handing blind menus to women is outdated and should stop 

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