Chicken owners reveal some of the inventive pen designs

Clucking marvellous! Chicken owners reveal their VERY creative homemade coops – from a UFO to a castle with a turret

  • In a collection of photos collated by Pupperish, animal lovers showed off designs
  • From UFOs to castles, owners made an effort to create a unique coop 
  • Standout designs include a Tardis and a coop named ‘Hotel Eggcelsior’

Keeping chickens as pets is a subject that is back in the news this week after it was revealed how hundreds of hens and cockerels have been abandoned by owners who bought them on a whim over lockdown.

The realisation of the work required, coupled with the recent introduction of measures to prevent the spread of bird flu, has led some owners to decide their birds are not worth the effort. 

However, as these heart-warming photos prove, that’s definitely not the case for all. 

Chicken owners from around the world have shared the inventive coops they’ve designed for their feathered friends, from a spaceship to a lavish castle with a turret.   

The photos were collated by website Pupperish. Here FEMAIL takes a look at some of the best designs… 

Chicken owners have revealed some of the inventive pen designs they have created for their beloved pets including this Hobbit House design from an owner in France which is inspired by Lord of The Rings 

This animal lover in the US went all out to create a UFO chicken coop complete with a ramp up to the entrance

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This owner in Dennisville, New Jersey, created an impressive wooden coop with slate tiles made out of pieces of bark 

These chicken lovers in Vancouver Island created a wooden home for their pets and even added potted plants and a rocking chair to the design 

One inventive Doctor Who fan brought the Tardis home with this inventive design 

These lucky chickens in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, had a dome shaped den built for them which leads to a castle complete with a balcony

This chicken enthusiast in the US created a ranch-style set up and painted it red and blue 

This chicken coop in Mexico was built to resemble a sandstone villa with a colourful canopy and wooden details 

This creative owner in Zachary, Louisiana, built an intricate white house in the ground of a mini allotment 

Some designers went the extra mile like this one who made a circus truck for their chickens to live in 

How quaint! One owner made a stable house for his chickens which he painted grey, blue and white 

Up, up and away: This elaborate space ship design was made with pieces of wood by one ambitious builder 

This playful owner created a hotel for his pampered pets and even cleverly named it ‘Hotel Eggcelsior’

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