Corinne Foxx gets real about her ‘embarrassing’ dad — Jamie Foxx

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Growing up, Corinne Foxx was mortified by her famous father: Jamie Foxx.

For years she and her Oscar-winning dad would regale family and friends with tales of how he regularly embarrassed his oldest daughter — and even scared away her boyfriends while wearing “such tight pants” that were “too young for him.”

Now, they’ve taken those tales of angst and turned them into the new Netflix series aptly titled, “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!,” in which the “Soul” star, 53, plays a single dad whose strong-willed teenage daughter moves in with him.

When asked on a scale of one to 10 how truly embarrassing the “Ray” superstar was, Corinne, 27, told The Post that her Pops topped out at 15.

“When you look at these stories now you can laugh, they’re hilarious,” she explained. “When you’re in the moment and it’s happening to you and you’re a teenager and everything feels like the end of the world … It felt like the worst thing that could happen was him showing up at my soccer game in a tight leather jacket. ‘Gosh, why is he doing this?! Nothing could be worse than this!’ “

Corinne, whose mother is Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Connie Kline, said that now she has a very close relationship with her father — but things weren’t always so rosy.

“My dad was very over the top, very charismatic,” she said. “I was more reserved and quiet so we had these funny moments of tension or him embarrassing me.”


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