Curvy influencer defies trolls to flaunt ‘hot as hell’ stomach in bikini

A curvy woman showed off her mid-size fashion outfits to prove that anyone can be "hot as hell".

Laney Gipson, from the US, regularly inspires other women that they can wear whatever they want to look good – no matter their body shape.

Being size 14, the TikToker shared her personal story and asked people not to waste their life's purpose worrying about their body.

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"Being a curvy girl, I was always told to wear dark, skinny jeans," Laney said.

"'They are more flattering', they said. But I'm going to wear whatever the hell I want to.

"If you have a stomach that looks like this, please know that you are hot as hell."

Laney, who now lives in Germany with her fiancé, posted a video of herself in a white bikini.

"Wanna know what a 95kg (210lbs) bikini body looks like?" she asked while posing by a rocky beach.

She then put in the caption with a 10 out of 10.

"Growing up fat, my biggest fear used to be wearing clothes that would make me look bigger," the social media guru shared in another post.

"Now I take up all the space I want and wear anything I choose. Do the same. Wear what you want queen."

But she still receives negative comments from women saying "you are not big enough" or "you need to lose weight".

And some thought her TikTok page would be about weight loss hacks.

Laney shared to her veiwers and replied: "I have a stomach, I have arms, I have a big, old booty.

"Body confidence is for everyone, it's for everyone who has the tiniest little pouch, it's for anyone who thinks they're 5lbs overweight.

"It's fighting these beauty standards and rules that we grew up thinking that we're not good enough."


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