Dermatologist reveals Japanese skin care tip that will keep you young

I’m a dermatologist – here’s a centuries-old Japanese skin care hack that will keep you looking younger

  • Dermatologist Dr. Turegano, based in New Orleans, shared the hack on TikTok
  • She explained that this Japanese skin care practice has been used for centuries 
  • The doctor claimed the ingredient has brightening and ‘anti-aging properties’

A dermatologist has revealed a Japanese skin care practice used for centuries that can help keep you looking both youthful and fresh.

Dr. Mamina Turegano, a triple board-certified dermatologist based in New Orleans, Louisiana, often takes to TikTok and Instagram to share her expertise, including a series where she shares various beauty and life tips from her Japanese mother, Michiko.

In a TikTok video posted last month, Dr. Turegano explained why using rice water on the skin can be especially beneficial.

‘When it comes to skin care, the Japanese have traditionally used various types of ingredients that have gained popularity in skin care routines today,’ Dr. Turegano explained at the start of the clip.

Taking to TikTok, Dr. Turegano revealed that rice water, used in Japan for centuries, is an ingredient that can be beneficial to the skin

On TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, Dr. Turegano often shares her skin care tips and tricks with viewers as a triple board-certified dermatologist 

‘Rice water is an extremely beneficial ingredient used in Japan for centuries due to its skin brightening and anti-aging properties,’ she continued. 

‘Today, you’ll see rice water in various products.’

According to Healthline, the earliest practice of using rice water can be traced back to Japan more than 1,000 years ago.

For a long time, some have believed that rice water is beneficial for having healthy and strong hair, per Healthline, and it’s also become an ingredient in some popular skin care products, as Dr. Turegano explained in her video.

Dr. Turegano added that one of her favorite products that included rice water was SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence.

‘It contains enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins that can help improve skin texture, help promote a more even complexion, and enhance the skin’s natural radiance,’ she said. 

Some of rice water’s promised benefits include helping to soothe irritated skin, repair damaged hair, and can even aid in stomach upset when used sparingly to treat food poisoning, per Healthline. 

While speaking to Brydie last month, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel, who is based in New York City, explained that: ‘Rice water has been used for centuries throughout Asia for its reported beauty benefits.’

Dr. Turegano is a triple board-certified dermatologist who practices in New Orleans, Louisiana 

She revealed that many skin care products had rice water as an ingredient, including one of her favorites, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 

In a YouTube video about Japanese beauty secrets, Dr. Turegano shared a recipe for a DIY-mask using rice water

Dr. Sobel also explained that the water had ‘inherent high-starch, vitamin, and antioxidant capabilities.’

However, rice water can sometimes contain small traces of arsenic, so large quantities of it can potentially lead to health problems.

Dr. Mamina’s DIY rice mask tips  

  • Make sure to rinse the rice water two to three times to get rid of any impurities 
  • Store the rice water in the fridge and get rid of it after a few days
  • Given the rice’s potential exposure to arsenic, rinse it well
  • Opt for Basmati rice, Jasmine rice or organic rice  


Heathline also noted that although there was no concrete evidence for this, some believed rice water could help to heal eczema and other blemishes. 

During the video, Dr. Turegano said that a positive to Japanese ingredients was the ability to take a ‘DIY approach,’ but shared that using them in this way was not something she always advised doing. 

‘However, it’s something I don’t always recommend, but if you do decide to take this route, it’s essential to do so responsibly,’ the dermatologist said.

In a YouTube video in which Dr. Turegano expanded on some more Japanese beauty secrets, she shared a recipe for a DIY rice mask that she did approve of.

First, she instructed to rinse the rice two to three times to ‘remove any impurities’ and then let it soak overnight.

‘You can use the rice water as a toner, but be sure to store it in the refrigerator and discard it after a few days or a week,’ she said.

‘There’s also the question of potential arsenic exposure with rice, so in addition to rinsing the rice well, I would opt for basmati rice, jasmine rice, or organic rice varieties.’ reached out to Dr. Turegano for comment. 

The dermatologist warned that if you’re taking a DIY approach to these products, you should make sure to do so responsibly 

In the comments section of the video, which she also posted to Instagram Reels, many users were amazed by the beauty tip

In the comments section on Instagram Reels, where she reposted the video, many were amazed by the tip.

‘The answer was sitting in my kitchen all this time,’ one person wrote.

Another commenter typed: ‘Can’t believe the wonders of rice water were hidden in plain sight!’

‘This is why I follow you!’ someone else wrote.

‘Always bringing hidden gems to light!’

Others claimed that they had tried using rice water themselves, and were already big fans.

‘Mamina you’re a skin savior!’ one Instagram user gushed. 

‘Started using rice water, and my skin feels amazing!’

Another seconded, ‘Incorporating rice water into my routine was the best decision.’

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