Dessert-and-dinner cheeseburger comes with six patties and Biscoff spread inside

Don’t stress about needing a pudding after munching on this enormous burger as dessert comes wedged within the patties.

The bizarre dish combines your dinner and sweet course into a mammoth dish which contains two days worth of calories.

It features six beef patties covered in melted, gooey cheese and between each layer is a spoonful of Lotus Biscoff spread.

The bonkers burger was created by Tom Hope, 33, who wanted to create a salty-but-sweet combo.

Surprisingly, the dish is a bestseller at his burger joint – Stripclub Streetfood.

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Tom claims that more than 95% of those who’ve munched the treat have loved the 4,184 calorie burger.

Tom, from Solihull, West Mids. said: “We put it on the menu as a special and we haven’t been able to take it off since.

“It’s the perfect marriage of the sweet and savoury and works so well.

“Some people will come up and ask what it’s all about and decide to try it – and they’re shocked when they realise it’s a great burger.

“It’s similar to salted caramel because it hits both sweet and savoury notes in your mouth, making it doubly as good.

“It does split the pack though and is either a love it or hate it situation.”

The feast of a burger also contains 10 rashers of maple-smoked bacon, 12 slices of American cheese and four crushed Lotus biscuits.

That’s a massive 900 calories of bacon, 1,320 calories worth of beef, 960 calories of cheese, 774 calories of Biscoff spread and biscuits and 230 calories of bun.


The bulging burger is stuffed into a steamed brioche bun and topped with a Biscoff biscuit.

The £9 dish was launched in January last year and now is a staple part of the menu.

Tom added: “I think it’s become a best seller because it’s all about the novelty of trying something new which actually works – but you’d never think to put it together at home.

“Primarily, our business is based on doing the best flavour and quality of burgers as possible so we wanted to create another quality burger.

“A few people say that you can’t ruin a standard burger but others are blown away at how the flavours in the Biscoff burger work together.

“Online, a lot of people say it looks fantastic so we get an incredibly positive response when we post pictures of it.”

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