Doctor says spending more than 10 minutes on the toilet puts your health at risk

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An NHS doctor has issued a stern warning for anyone who spends longer on the toilet than they ought to.

Dr Karan Rajan made a TikTok video explaining why taking a long time to poo is a sign of diet issues and can be detrimental to your health.

It can also contributor to an incredibly painful condition called hemorrhoids where grape-like bumps protrude from your anus.

He previously revealed holding in farts can cause you to belch them out.

Telling viewers what they shouldn't be doing if they want to avoid hemorrhoids, he says: "Number one, straining.

"Fun fact, everyone has anal cushions. These are there to stop us from pooing ourselves and they also contain blood vessels.

"But if you keep straining on the toilet these blood vessels could swell up and cause hemorrhoids."

"Try not to spend on average more than ten minutes on the toilet. Gravity is not your friend.

"The longer you spend on the toilet the longer the blood can pool in these rectal veins causing hemorrhoids."

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He also advises people to eat lots of fibre to avoid constipation, which in itself can lead to straining and increases your risk of hemorrhoids.

Dr Karan added: "Unless you have a specific medical condition you should be aiming for 20 to 30g of fibre a day.

"So you don't always have to cut the crusts off your bread and keep the skin on your fruit and veg."

According to the NHS, symptoms of hemorrhoids (also known as piles) include bright red blood after you poo, itchy anus, feeling like you still need to poo after going to the toilet, slimy mucus after wiping your bottom, lumps around your anus, and pain around your anus.

People normally go to a pharmacist for a first line of home treatments such as creams to ease the pain, itching and swelling and treatment for constipation.

If it doesn't get better, people may need surgery which Dr Karan warns is rather painful.

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