‘Goodbye, Connie!’ TikTok goes wild for accidental farewell videos

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Goodbye, Connie! We didn’t know you were leaving, but we sure do now.

A TikTok video wishing a woman named Connie farewell has gone viral, with hordes of strangers on social media saying so long to the mysterious departing lady.

But it turns out, the now-viral video posted Thursday by @deputyclerk was just uploaded by mistake — and the Connie in question is the departing Indiana Secretary of State, Connie Lawson.

“Congratulations from the Orange County clerk’s office,” a smiling male says in one of the videos, which has just under 400,000 views.

“We wish you the best in your future endeavors,” added another woman. “We appreciate the good job that you have done for the state of Indiana,” chimed in a third well-wisher, while a fourth concludes with “Goodbye, Connie!”

The video is one of eight uploaded by the Clerk’s office in Orange County, Indiana, which is about 100 miles south of Indianapolis. In one video posted Thursday, the same characters sing and dance to Connie, who has served as Indiana Secretary of State for nearly two decades.

The videos were meant for Lawson’s eyes only, but since have amassed the office’s TikTok nearly 4,000 followers — and countless others users uploaded their own farewell videos for Connie.

goodbye connie!!!!!!! #foryou why do i love this audio sm

“We all had issues with one or the other so we just did it seven or eight times,” added Deputy Clerk Olivia Griffith. “It said ‘save to my device,’ so I thought it was just going to the photo gallery on my phone.”

Lawson announced she is resigning from her post after serving 16 years, because she’s exhausted by the past year.

“Like many Hoosiers, 2020 took a toll on me,” she said in a statement, according to IndyStar. “I am resigning so I can focus on my health and my family. I will work with Governor Holcomb to ensure our next Secretary of State is up to the task and has the tools and resources to hit the ground running.”

Sounds like the TikToks will cheer Lawson right up.

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