Head-scratching optical illusion asks what colour dots people can see in image

Optical illusions can really be confusing at times.

Recently, a mind-bending optical illusion made the straight lines appear wonky in a snap.

While a painting by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak showed the personality traits people find least attractive about you.

Now Gala Spins has partnered with Bhavin Shah, a behavioural optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, to share the latest illusion.

In the image, it shows dots but people can't figure out the actual colour of them.

According to Bhavin, there are a few theories as to why this happens in the infamous grid optical illusion.

So what do you see in the image?

The dots in the illusion where the white lines cross are actually white, but appear grey to the peripheral vision.

Bhavin added: "It could be that the retinal cells in the peripheral part of the visual collate information over a few cells to provide a visual signal and often 'enhance' (or image process) areas of contrast but the intersection of the lines and the colour of the square causes an enhancement of the intersection in the peripheral vision which disappears when using the more detailed central vision."

Sara Jolly, Head of Brand Marketing and Partnerships at Gala Spins, said: "What we love about optical illusions is the uniqueness of what people see.

"Different people will look at the same image and see something completely different, all because our eyes and brains interpret what they're presented with in different ways."

Previously, Gala Spins shared another optical illusion which asked if the lines appear straight.

The lines are the focal point of this optical illusion as they appear to be on an angle when in fact, they are completely straight.

Almost half of those polled in the study (45%) said the lines were on an angle compared to the other half who claimed they were straight.

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