Highway Code could see drivers hit with £2.5k fine over de-misting their cars

It's getting chilly in the UK.

Not only does it mean putting our heats on full blast, it's also an important time to be careful on the roads. Now drivers are being warned of a Highway Code rule.

Following the rules on the road is important if you want to avoid hefty fines and penalty points. So are you guilty of breaking this law?

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Motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk told Brits to never drive with foggy windows this winter and to ensure there's a clear view ahead.

According to the Highway Code, it's vital "windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision". It means de-misting your car is very important.

That's because taking to the road while vision is impaired could land drivers with a careless driving offence. You could risk a fine of £100 and three points, or even £2,500 and disqualification with more extreme cases.

Tips to clear include turning on the heating to dry out moisture from inside the car. Even cleaning the windscreen with shaving foam can help to prevent condensation.

Tim Alcock, from Lease.Car.uk, said: "Drivers should always make sure to completely de-mist their windscreens before setting off or risk being slapped with a fine of up to £2,500 for breaking the Highway Code.

"Don't be tempted to just leave a small gap to see what is directly in front, as you could still be fined for careless driving by not being able to see the full road view ahead.

"There are several things drivers can do to speed up the de-misting to avoid driving with foggy windows."

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Here are LeaseCar's top tips for de-misting windscreens

1. Turn up the heating

Warm air inside the car will absorb moisture from the windows and reduce the fog and condensation that has built up. Turn on the heating for a few minutes before setting off.

2. Use the air conditioning

Air-con can help to dry out the moisture inside the car and help to remove the fog on the windows.

3. Open a window

Doing this will bring dry air from outside to warm up and help absorb moisture from inside the car. This is also a good alternative to turning on the air-con.

4. Use shaving foam

Wipe shaving foam over the windows and windscreen to build up a barrier to stop the glass from fogging up. This hack won't last forever so it's a good idea to do fairly regularly to help prevent condensation.

5. Wipe the moisture away

Using a microfibre cloth or paper towels can be an effective option to remove any moisture inside the car. It's best to wipe in circular motions to avoid smudging.

6. Climate control systems

Some cars will be fitted with a climate control system with a setting to de-mist the windscreen. If your vehicle has this feature it's worth making use of it to help efficiently remove mist and fog from the windows.

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