Hilarious snaps of times when people knew EXACTLY what they were doing

They understood the assignment! Pranksters who snuck in a hidden message – from cheeky tweaks to logos to rather rude cereal packaging

  • People have been tampering with images in extremely clever ways 
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Signs and symbols are a part of our everyday lives – they are everywhere we turn, even if we don’t always notice them. 

And now, some pranksters have been deliberately leaving hidden messages to find the joy in life – with others sharing snaps of moments which have left them chuckling online.

And now The Chive has rounded up some of the most hilarious tampering with signs on the internet, including a London Sperm Bank, with a hidden cheeky logo. 

Meanwhile another sign shows an inappropriately named ultrasound unit, while a third revealed a twerking batman mascot at a US football game. 

FEMAIL has rounded up some of the smartest imagery out there…

Loose logos! People from around the world have been sharing cheeky snaps of hilarious signs which they have spotted while out and about – including this London Sperm Bank sign which has a naughty hidden logo

Original! In the UK, one hospital goer was left chuckling finding this aptly numbered room was the location for women’s mammograms and ultrasounds 

Coordination! One person in South Asia was left howling after noticing this woman who had matched her outfit perfectly to the Apple logo

May the force be with you! The composer for this piece of music was particularly playful when instructing his orchestra how to play this piece from Star Wars

Fandom! Someone has had fun messing around with Italian football player Kevin Lasagna’s Wikipedia page, adding in layers of puns 

Brutal! One professor in New York not so subtly told this student that he needed help…However, they quickly tried to cover up their mistake ensuring it was files they were talking about

Batman Twerking or Panther’s mouth? At a US football game, people can’t stop seeing the inflatable panther as the superhero dancing 

Ho Ho No! In an unknown location, someone has been tampering with the Christmas cards, trying to give their family members naughty nicknames 

Marketing blunders! One supermarket worker in the US had a particularly playful shift by cleverly placing sticking offers over the P and I on Pick Me Ups cereal boxes 

Shippers Knew! Elsewhere, in an unknown location, the couriers had a dull shift – so they decided to cleverly place the bar codes on packaging 

Price matters! One person in the US was left howling after spotting this cucumber which had been placed in a rather naughty position 

Family memories! One group visiting the Caribbean appeared relaxed about posing in front of a sign in order to spell out a rude word 

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