H&M introduces rental clothing service ONE/SECOND/SUIT

As offices slowly begin to open back up, H&M has a sustainable new initiative that men who are ready to ditch their sweatpants for slacks will appreciate.

The global fashion brand has introduced its first rental clothing service ONE/SECOND/SUIT.

If you have an upcoming interview, you can simply rent a suit for up to 24 hours and have it delivered directly to your front door step.

H&M has launched its first-ever rental service in the U.S. as a sustainable alternative with One/Second/Suit.

Available now and through the next few months, H&M’s ONE/SECOND/SUIT was inspired to come into fruition as a new sustainable initiative that aims to help open more doors and boost confidence during job interviews.

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This new service allows customers to shop more sustainably and consciously by renting as opposed to buying a suit.

“Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience,” Sara Spännar, head of marketing & communications at H&M, said in a statement. “But we believe nothing should hold you back. Least of all what you wear.”

She continued, “The ONE/SECOND/SUIT is ready-to-wear confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself that you’ve got what it takes.”

H&M’s concept of suit rentals was initially launched in the UK last month and will now continue to be tested in the U.S.

PHOTO: H&M has launched its first-ever rental service in the U.S. as a sustainable alternative with One/Second/Suit.

Current available sizing runs from 34/30 through 48/42.

In addition to announcing the company’s latest dip into rental clothing, ONE/SECOND/SUIT also released a film capturing the nerves and self-doubt many face on the day of a big interview. During the clip, there’s an emotional call from a mom giving an empowering pep talk that sparks renewed confidence for candidates to seize the opportunity.

“I don’t want to see any pouting on that face. I don’t want to see any wrinkles or frown lines,” the passionate mother says during the film. “I don’t want to see anything, but you holding your head up like the king you are.”

She concludes the 30-second clip saying: “If there’s one thing that I taught you from day one, it is to hold your head up high. Never forget that.”

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