Horrifying video reveals moment doctor discovers spider living in woman’s ear after she kept hearing rustling sounds | The Sun

DOCTORS shared a terrifying clip revealing the moment they discovered a spider in a woman's ear.

The 64-year old ended up at an ear, nose and throat clinic after experiencing a strange sensation in her left ear which meant she was unable to fall asleep.

The lady in Taiwan could feel something move inside it, and kept hearing clicks and rustling sounds, the doctors said.

On examination, the medics from Tainan Municipal Hospital found a small spider running about her ear canal.

The creepy crawly had discarded its outer shell, which it left nearby.

In April, the doctors used a a tube-like-like device to suck out the spider and it's exoskeleton.

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Horrifying video reveals moment doctor discovers SPIDERS living in a woman's ear


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Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Tengchin Wang of the Tainan Municipal Hospital, said: "She didn't feel pain because the spider was very small – just about 2 to 3 millimeters."

The expert said he had never seen a creature shed its skin in someones ear before.

He urged the public to see a doctor if they ever experience such symptoms.

Getting a insect in your ear is a relatively rare occurrence.

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A 2019 study found that live bugs represent just 14 per cent of foreign objects found lodged in people's ear canals.

More commonly discovered objects include cotton balls, beads and earring backings.

How to tell if you have a bug in your ear

If the insect is still alive while in your ear it can often be loud and painful.

According to Healthline, possible signs and symptoms of a bug in your ear include:

  • Itchiness or tickling sensations in the ear
  • Scratching or buzzing noises
  • Muffled sound in the affected ear
  • A feeling that something is stuffed in your ear
  • Ear discomfort or pain

How to remove a bug from your ear

Firstly, make sure to remain calm.

Before calling your GP, try to remove the bug from the ear canal while at home.

Do this by pouring vegetable oil or baby oil into the ear canal and shaking your head, Healthline says.

Never use a cotton swab or other probing object – this can push the bug further in and potentially damage the middle ear or eardrum.

If you or your child has a history of ear problems, it’s important to go to the doctor or call 111 right away if you suspect there’s a bug in the ear.

You should also call your GP if you can't get the bug out using oil at home.

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Doctors will typically use lidocaine, an anaesthetic, to successfully kill the bug before flushing it out.

You might also be prescribed antibiotics if there’s severe damage done to the ear canal.

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