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FAST food fans can enjoy a meal through the MyMcDonald's app – complete with app-exclusive deals.

You can order a kids' happy meal, a sausage and egg mcmuffin breakfast or the classic cheeseburger from your phone.

The app can keep you up to date with the franchise's latest deals as there's a whole tab dedicated to discounts.

Users can also order and pay contact-free with options to pick up their order via the drive-thru, or have it delivered to their car by a click and serve bay.

Rivals KFC and Burger King have similar ordering processes' on their apps.

Here we explain how to use the McDonald's app.

There are various features that will save you time when ordering and could get you money off selected products.

How do I use the app?

The app will allow you to browse the latest menu available at McDonald's.

It works anywhere you have internet, so you can look up what's on offer while you're out and about, or at home.

In the mornings, you'll have access to the breakfast menu options until 11am, when breakfast finishes and lunch begins.

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The first thing you'll have to do is pick your closest or local McDonald's.

If you're visiting somewhere new make sure the correct restaurant is selected as the app will autofill your location when it's opened.

After this, you'll be able to look at menu items and add them to your basket.

Once you've completed this, you can confirm your order and head to the restaurant.

When you've arrived, confirm this on the app and select the collection method.

You can set up a payment method in the app which can be saved and used every time too.

You won't be charged until you've arrived at the restaurant and selected a collection method.

The only problem with the app is you can't select cash as a payment method, meaning you'll have to go in as normal if you need to pay this way.

You can also select your favourite items with the star button next to each product, making it easier and quicker to reorder your favourite meals.

Plus the app allows you to customise orders just like when you normally reel off all the things you do and don't want in your burger or meal to the staff member at the tills and drive-thru.

What do I do once I've placed an order?

Once your order has been placed, head to the chosen restaurant.

Ensure your location services are on as the app will recognise when you're close to the restaurant.

If you've arrived and the app hasn't recognised where you are, try clicking the “I'm here” button.

When you get there decide how you'd like to collect on the app.

If you select the takeaway option, you'll have to go inside and wait for your order number to appear on the screen.

If you select drive-thru, you'll have to say your name from the order in the designated lane.

At the drive-thru, you won't have to touch your phone while you're pulling up, so don't worry about an order number here.

Or you can choose click and serve, which means you need to park in one of the specific bays which will each have a number – type that number into the app, and a member of staff will come out to your car with the order.

Alternatively, you could use the table service option and provide the app with the table number you're sitting at.

Staff will then do the rest like normal, and you can enjoy your meal.

What deals are available on the app?

There's a separate deals screen found on the app which shows all the discounts you are eligible for.

20% off

My McDonald's users can get 20% off orders until 12am on August 22.

This offer is subject to whether your local McDonald's is participating in the offer.

You can only get the discount on the app though, so you won't find the same prices if you rock up to a branch, or order via UberEats or similar – they might set their own discounts though.

McDonald's Mondays

Every Monday, the app has a host of deals available to cash in on.

Typically you can get things like a Big Mac for just £1.09 – usually the fast food favourite would cost £4.09 so hungry deal hunters can save £3.10.

You have to order it on the app and claim it from your closest McDonald's by 11.59pm on the day though.

In the past, McDonald's has offered triple cheeseburgers and quarter pounders for the same price in the exclusive Monday offer – and something new is up for grabs every week.

Once you've placed your virtual order, pick-up via Drive-thru, the click and serve option, takeaway or in-restaurant too.

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