I am mentally scarred by violent rapist ex who started stalking me | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER we split up, my ex stalked me for months.

Even though he’s given up now, I still suffer from panic attacks.

I was so afraid of him, especially at night, that I used to sleep with a knife and cricket bat beside my bed.

I’m 33 and my ex is 35.

He reminded me so much of my dad, who was physically abusive towards my mum and emotionally abused me too.

My ex was violent and raped me once.

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I managed to get away, but he used to wait at the bus stops outside my house.

He knew when I was home as he could see into my flat when I turned the lights on and would hang around all evening sometimes. He even threatened to break in once.

Eventually he gave up but I am suffering from these panic attacks.

They come out of nowhere, even when I’m not thinking about the abuse.


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DEIDRE SAYS: He is dangerous. Even though you found the courage to get away from him, it has left you mentally scarred.

Having panic attacks is a sign you are not coping, so make a GP appointment.

You can also contact No Panic (nopanic.org.uk, 0300 772 9844) for advice and my support pack Living With Anxiety explains more.

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