I dress my baby son in formal outfits every day

I dress my baby son in formal outfits every day – it’s important to teach him the right values from an early age

  • One mother’s dressing habits have divided TikTok – she boasts a 30k following
  • Geordian claims she dresses her baby in fancy clothes to instill good values 
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TikTok users are divided after a mother revealed her penchant for dressing her son up in fancy clothing every day, saying it instils the wrong kind of values.

Geordian, from Texas, took to TikTok to reveal she has been inundated with questions from followers, such as: ‘Why do you get your baby up and ready and dressed every single day?’

Looking glamorous herself in a one shoulder gown, she replied that she thinks ‘it’s important to instill from a young age that we get up, we get dressed, we take pride in what we’re wearing and how we look’.

However, the 20 second clip outraged some people, despite racking up just under two million views and amassing 154,000 likes.

Several users chimed in on the baby influencer’s puzzling dressing choice, with one user likening Geordian’s habits as a ‘return to 1958’.

The elegant mom opened her video by stating that she has been inundated with questions by followers like ‘Why do you get your baby up and ready and dressed every single day?’

Another TikTok user also found her dressing choice excessive, and expressed concerns that this would in turn teach her son to ‘care what other people think’. 

This sentiment was echoed by another account, with a commenter writing: ‘Please teach him that people who don’t do this are also deserving of respect and that we are all doing what works for us’.

But the mother defended herself after getting slated, telling one dubious user ‘You do you’ after they remarked: ‘Nah. I’m the same person in sweat pants as I am in a dress’.

One user didn’t hold back: ‘It isn’t lazy not to dress like a debutante every day. It means you don’t prioritize vanity over human value. Grow up’. 

And another joked: I’m not in this tax bracket lol’, to which a different TikTok account replied: ‘Dude same. I look like Adam Sandler most days’.

In another video the TikToker is seen sporting a stunning sage green ballgown while holding her baby who is casually in a tux on a regular Friday

But some leaped to Geordian’s defence, pointing out ‘When you look better you feel better.’

One reaffirmed that the influencer’s choices were not unusual . One wrote: ‘My mom swears getting a baby up and dressed for the day helps establish routine and days from nights’.

Geordian received more support when another mother praised her non-judgemental nature, saying: ‘Why are people getting annoyed? You aren’t forcing anyone to do this! I do the same with my kid cause it’s important to have pride in oneself’.

However, this didn’t stop others from asking her: ‘Is this a typical day or are you going to a wedding?’

This prompted other TikTok account to say: ‘I get up and take pride in looking like I just rolled out of bed all day’.

Another retorted: ‘First kid huh?’ which prompted Geordian to assert: ‘I have a feeling I’ll be this way with all of them lol’, although replies were skeptical.

This comes after a TikToker was shamed for refusing to shave her stomach hair.

TikTok users were overwhelmingly negative about Geordian’s choices which see the mother dress her little boy in formalwear every single day, regardless of the day’s schedule

Body positive influencer Angelica encourages women to embrace their body hair despite being constantly blasted by men for her decision.

A prospective date told her that, in order to be considered dateable, she must shave her stomach.

In a clip, Angelica revealed two critical remarks that she had received regarding her body hair: ‘You should shave your stomach for summer’ and ‘I’d date you, only if you get rid of that stomach hair’.

In response, she wrote: ‘Uh no I like it’ while showcasing her stomach in a coral crop top and low-rise jogging bottoms.

The influencer, who focuses on self-care and body positivity, explained in the caption that she previously shaved her stomach hair, but it was an instant regret.

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