I’m a cleaning expert – seven tips to stop condensation in your home and the exact temperature to keep mould at bay | The Sun

A PAIR of cleaning experts have shared their amazing tricks for stopping condensation and mould in your home.

In a video posted to TikTok, the duo revealed seven tips on fighting back against potentially harmful damp.

They even told viewers the exact temperature they should set the thermostat to in order to give the best chance of avoiding mould.

The first major tip is to keep your house well ventilated and air it out regularly to allow trapped damp air to escape.

Opening windows when warm enough is the best way to achieve this.

However, if it's too cold for that homeowners can also use gadgets like dehumidifiers and humidity readers to keep the air dry.


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Speaking of the temperature, keeping the thermostat on a consistent setting will often help reduce damp.

The TikTokers revealed that the World Health Organisation advise heating your home to between 18-21C for best results.

Most of the humidity in a home is often created in the bathroom by hot baths or showers, and the ingenious experts have life hacks for that too.

Shutting the bathroom door while bathing to prevent damp air escaping into the rest of the property is one such handy recommendation.

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Another is wiping down surfaces with a cloth or squeegee to get rid of any excess water afterwards.

Make sure to wipe your windows too, and pay special attention to the edges to ward off mould.

Finally, using lids while cooking prevents steam escaping and making the air humid, while drying clothes either outdoors or in well ventilated rooms is a must.

Online viewers praised the hacks and even offered their own advice.

One wrote: "Include plants in your house as well.

"Since having them in my bathroom I don't get mould anymore. They soak up any steam and water droplets."

Another recommended: "Keep the vents at the top of your windows open all the time. You need air flowing through your home."

However, other were sceptical about being able to afford to keep their heating consistent.

One said: "I wish but I won't be able to turn my heating on this winter due to the cost of living crisis."

Another joked: "Opening a window in a country like the UK will only bring in more moisture."

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