‘I’m pregnant – and I refuse to wait on my husband anymore’

According to her, he firmly believed that she alone should handle all household and childcare duties, even going as far as expecting her to prepare all his meals.

Seeking advice on Reddit’s ‘Am I the a**hole’ forum, the woman questioned whether she was at fault.

She explained: “I have three kids and am currently pregnant with my fourth. I left work to take care of our kids. My husband thinks that because I don’t work outside the house, it’s my responsibility to take care of ALL duties related to the house and kids.

“You name it—cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, homework, school activities, drop-offs, etc. On top of everything I do, he also expects me to make all of his meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

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Feeling exhausted from entertaining the children during summer vacation and struggling with her pregnancy, she expressed her frustration. Her husband showed no sympathy and even claimed that she had it easy because she “doesn’t work.”

In an act of defiance, she refused to make him dinner for two consecutive nights.

However, he responded by labelling her a useless and horrible wife.

In the comments section, readers condemned the husband’s attitude towards his partner.

One commenter pointed out that unless he was working exceptionally long hours, he should step up and recognise the multiple roles she fulfils as a babysitter, cook, cleaner, and personal shopper.

Another shared their own experience as a stay-at-home parent and emphasised that even when their partner worked long days, they still managed to prepare their own breakfast.

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